Blankets as Art: Marie Watt Exhibit at Tacoma Art Museum

August 7, 2012

Stack of donated blankets with story tags attached

I took advantage of a free-admission day on Saturday and traveled by bus to the Tacoma Art Museum to see Marie Watt’s exhibit about blankets and stories.  She elevates ordinary, everyday blankets to the level of art.  Two of the most intriguing pieces were simply stacks of used and donated blankets.  For the installation, Dwelling, donors wrote stories about their blankets on tags.  Among the most poignant tales was Peter Kubicek’s — he donated his blanket from a Nazi concentration camp.

Blankets can be pregnant with meaning — think of security blankets, kids forts, warmth and comfort, picnics . . .  Blankets can hide things and cover flaws and ugliness — think of blankets of snow or fog.

Here are some more photos:

Marie Watt Exhibit entitled “Lodge”

Patrons could finger the blankets and read the story tags.

Every blanket holds a story.

Tall column of folded blankets

Blankets as art

Stacked blankets






6 Responses to “Blankets as Art: Marie Watt Exhibit at Tacoma Art Museum”

  1. […] more about Marie Watt’s artwork. Read (and see) more about the Marie Watt exhibit on Rosemary’s blog. —– image (detail) Blanket Stories: Three Sisters, Cousin Rose, Four Pelts, and Sky […]

  2. what is the future of the blankets? Will they be stored as an art work? Or distributed to be used by those in need?

  3. What a fantastic idea – having a story for each blanket.

  4. Chris Says:

    Amazing and amazing photos, Rosemary!

  5. […] Blankets as Art: Marie Watt Exhibit at Tacoma Art Museum, August 7, 2012 […]

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