My Adventure in Eating: Quince

October 13, 2014

Quinces from Jello Mold Farm

Quinces from Jello Mold Farm

I like feeling adventuresome, and sometimes my explorations take me into the realm of a new (to me) food.  Diane and Dennis at Jello Mold Farm have several quince trees, and the ground was littered with windfallen fruit.  I’d never eaten or cooked with quince, and Diane invited me to try it.

Quince remind me of hard pears.  I simply peeled mine, cut them into chunks, and simmered them with water, sugar, and a little ground ginger until they broke down into sauce.  I used a bit more water than I would have with applesauce, and I had to cook the quince longer.  The sauce is delicious.  It has its own flavor, which is not quite like anything I could compare it to.   I think it would go well with pork.  I’ve been eating mine on top of plain yogurt.





5 Responses to “My Adventure in Eating: Quince”

  1. Elisa Says:

    I am looking at the quince and the inside of my head is going ohhhhhhh no ew ew not going to try that….what did it taste like(curiosity killed my cat ages ago). Makes me think of Ugly Fruit, which has also been left untasted.

    • Rosemary Says:

      I really like the taste. I don’t mind ugly fruit. We always salvaged wormy and bruised apples just by cutting off the bad parts and using the rest for pie or applesauce. The most striking characteristic of the quince is its hardness. I don’t think you would eat it raw. Cooked, it is very good.

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