The Flower Market in November

November 12, 2012

“After the leaves have fallen, we return
To a plain sense of things. . . ”
Wallace Stevens

The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market in November

You can see the change of seasons at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.  In November, the wild, glorious, rainbow hues of summer blooms have been replaced by the quieter browns and greens of late autumn.  There is an abundance of twigs and branches and dried grasses with seed pods.  And a hint of the holidays in holly sprigs and branches.  The sculptured forms of plants and flowers seem more evident now that your eye is no longer saturated with color.  This has its own beauty.

Holly from J Foss Garden Flowers

Giant balls of dried hydrangea

Buyer with hydrangea

Globe Amaranthus and grasses from Oregon’s Best Specialty Flowers

I love the colors in these dried flowers — don’t know what they are called

Decorating with tree trunks and rounds

Dahlias the size of dinner plates from Jello Mold Farm

This root/bulb looks like an underwater sea creature amidst the orange pumpkins

Lining up purchases on the loading dock, Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Interior, Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, in November

Broken sprig of holly on the loading dock

5 Responses to “The Flower Market in November”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I just can’t pick a favorite here. No wonder you love going back to these places – the variety is stunning. I do like what appears to be that metal flower on the wall in the second photo. That could give me a little bit of permanent autumn to enjoy!

  2. Chris Says:


  3. Margaret Says:

    I love the seasonal changes – the color tones are definitely more muted.

  4. Sallyann Says:

    I’ve been here with you before and I would still be happy to visit it with you again and again and again. 🙂

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