A Golden Bower: Laburnum Arbor at Bayview Nursery

June 24, 2011

Arbor of golden chain at the Bayview Nursery

While we were on Whidbey Island, we stopped at the Bayview Nursery to see the laburnum in bloom.  They are stunningly displayed in two arbors.  To walk through the golden arches is enchanting.

Double arbors of golden chain, Bayview Nursery

Golden chain remind me of yellow wisteria

Blooms hang like pendulums

A curtain of golden chain

An enchanting spot

Doesn't this resemble an impressionist painting?

Looking back through the other way

Golden arches

Spectacular laburnum at the Bayview Nursery



2 Responses to “A Golden Bower: Laburnum Arbor at Bayview Nursery”

  1. Hallysann Says:

    This is really beautiful 🙂

  2. Elisa Says:

    Gosh this is SO beautiful. We had some of this here, locally in a park, however, I haven’t seen it bloom now for several seasons. Hope all is well with you. I think of you often.

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