Iridescent Rust

May 4, 2010

Old truck parked along Greenwood Avenue North

Magical, lovely rust stains

Rusty truck door and handle

I love this old truck that I pass along Greenwood Avenue North on my way to work.  I can only hope that I will wear out as beautifully.

by Hudson Strode

Rust has some roles to play —
Its dust besmears the escutcheon
Of a vain respectability,
Mouldy with its varletry of mediocre mouthings.
Rust smells hard
And pungent,
Like stale spice.
But in sophisticated sunlight
Its strangely burnt-out roughness
Is more subtle
Than gold.
Gives off a magic iridescence
And sometimes strikes immortal song
From a languid poet.
A feat of genius is a flake of brain-rust.


2 Responses to “Iridescent Rust”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Only you would notice the beauty in rust!!

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