Poinsettia Festival

December 16, 2009

Red poinsettia at Molbak's Nursery

Red poinsettia

Pink poinsettia

Pink and white poinsettias

This weekend I made a trip to Molbak’s Nursery in Woodinville with my sister and brother-in-law.  The nursery is thoroughly decked out for the holiday season, and it is a very worthwhile destination for a holiday excursion.  I particularly enjoyed the tables full of poinsettias in many colors of red, pink, and white.  We don’t have poinsettias in our home because we don’t want our cat to chew on them, so I tried to get my fill of their beauty while I was at Molbak’s.

Botanical print of poinsettia

When I got home, I searched the internet for botanical prints of poinsettias, or euphorbia pulcherrimas.  I found this one at http://www.panteek.com/Nooten/pages/noo22-241.htm.


One Response to “Poinsettia Festival”

  1. Florista Says:

    Poinsettias at christmas, simply perfect. thanks for the great images!

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