Lovely Old Things

June 7, 2010

Vintage embroidered linens, Farm Chicks Antique Show

Things Men Have Made
by D. H. Lawrence

Things men have made with wakened hands, and put softly life into
are awake through years with transferred touch, and go on glowing
for long years.
And for this reason, some old things are lovely
warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

Let Me Grow Lovely
by Karla Wilson Baker

Let me grow lovely, growing old —
So many things do;
Laces, and ivory, and gold,
And silks need not be new;

And there is healing in old trees,
Old streets a glamour hold;
Why may not I, as well as these,
Grow lovely, growing old.

I think these two poems capture the allure of old, worn, vintage objects that were used faithfully in everyday life.  I can see why I am drawn to old, handmade things like the items at the Farm Chicks Antiques Show I attended this past weekend.