Handmade Garlands

December 6, 2009

Little woolen stockings ready for hand stitching

Getting ready to string the finished stockings into a garland

Buttons make good fasteners

Decorative garland for the Christmas season

My oldest sister passed along this unfinished project from a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  I decided to finish it in time to use as a Christmas decoration this holiday season.  This year I am not putting out all of the holiday decorations we’ve accumulated over the years.  Still, it’s nice to have something new to display.

My sister had already cut out all of the pieces.  I just blanket-stitched around the appliques and edges.  Then I decided to string the little woolen stockings into a garland.  I used fishing line, buttons, and wound paper beads.  I like the homespun look of the garland, which I hung from the bottom of a wall quilt by our front door.

Thrify Mittens

November 28, 2009

Wool mittens from shrunken sweater

My new-to-me mittens from a recycled sweater

Warm woolen mittens

I love the thriftiness of my latest project — sewing mittens from old cast-off sweaters.  I found a blue woolen sweater in a box of free stuff on the curb in my neighborhood.  The owner was probably giving it away because it had shrunk.  But the felted wool was perfect for making mittens.  My oldest sister mailed the pattern to me.  I like the mittens so much, that I made a few more pairs from some leftover fleece that I had in my scrap bag.

3-piece mitten pattern

Mittens from leftover polar fleece