Through the window at Bella Umbrella

“Whatever good things the god sees fit to give you,
Take them with thanks; don’t think you can save them up
For a rainy day.  You want to be able to say
You’ve lived a happy life.  It’s reason, good sense,
That takes away your cares; it isn’t owning
A house at the shore that has a commanding view.
He only changes his scene, he doesn’t change
His mind, who rushes to go abroad.  How many
Are busy going elsewhere getting nowhere;
But if you have a healthy attitude,
Then what you’re seeking to find can always be found
Right where you are . . .”
— from The Epistles of Horace, translated by David Ferry


“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”
— Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Spanish poet

A line of towering trees at Green Lake

Striped leaf

Unfurled poppy

Adorned poppy seed cases

Gladioli stalks

Leaves of a dogwood tree

More poppy seed cases

Little green apple


The yellow-green of a new sunflower waiting to bloom

Fluorescent yellow-green escalator in Seattle’s downtown library

Seattle green is the dark green of the trim on the Washington State Ferries.

And it’s also the green of Starbucks, our local Seattle coffee company, now a worldly giant

Mum’s the Word

November 13, 2011

The seasonal room at the Volunteer Park Conservatory

The seasonal room at the Volunteer Park Conservatory still features chrysanthemums, and there have been quite a few more additions since my last visit.  The room is crowded with a profusion of mums.  It’s stunning!

Colorful foliage sets off the lovely chrysanthemum blooms

Paper lanterns and chrysanthemums

Some of the varieties were like large balls

Another fantastic mum

Umbrellas in the seasonal room

Under My Umbrella

November 28, 2010

Starting my walk on a rainy November morning in Seattle

We’re now in our rainy season in Seattle.  You can’t wait until it stops raining to get out and about, or you’d never leave the house.  So today I’m sharing the view from under my umbrella.

Paved path around Green Lake on a rainy day

The view from under my umbrella as I walk around Green Lake

Self-portrait: my reflection in a store window