Table Mountain reflected in alpine lake along the Mount Baker Scenic Byway

Before leaving the Heather Meadows area, I stopped for a picnic lunch in a parking area adjacent to this small alpine lake.  It featured a perfect reflection of Table Mountain on its mirrored surface.

Another network of hiking trails originates from this parking area.  I elected to walk a short, 1/2-mile, loop trail called the Fire and Ice Interpretive Trail.  This was another easy hike with lots to see and marvel at.

The Fire and Ice Interpretive Trail

Spectacular fall colors along the trail

The heather (green) and huckleberry (red) grow together low to the ground.

These old trees are slow growing in the alpine landscape.

Pearly everlasting

Fire and Ice Interpretive Trail 

Overlooking a lake in the basin below the trail

Interesting water features

I don’t know what gives the waters their interesting colors.

Overlooking another chain of lakes