A Place in the Sun

December 20, 2009

Jellybean finding a spot on a sunny windowsill

Cats really know how to seek and find sunshine.  I could take a lesson from Jellybean. 

But one of the gifts of winter is the darkness, and I need to remind myself to not only accept, but celebrate, this darker time. 

“. . . for despite the frequent foulness of the weather and the hardship of those who have to work outside, there is something of the Winter that is primal, mysterious and utterly irreplaceable, something both bleak and profoundly beautiful, something essential to this myth of ourselves, to the story of our humanity, as if we somehow need the darkness of the winter months to replenish our inner spirits as much as we need the light, energy and warmth of summer.”
     — Sting, If on a Winter’s Night. . . liner notes