Dappled summer shade — under the maple tree

“And so the root
becomes a trunk
And then a tree
And seeds of trees
And springtime sap
And summer shade
And autumn leaves
And shape of poems
And dreams —
And more than tree.”
— from “For Russell and Rowena Jelliffe,” Uncollected Poems 1961-1967, by Langston Hughes

Time marches on, as evidenced by the slow changes on my “adopted” maple tree.  My photo for this post captured the dappled shade on one of the last days of summer.  The autumn equinox is at 7:49 a.m. tomorrow morning in Seattle.

Leaves and seeds

Watercolor sketch of leaves and seeds showing fall colors

Sitting in the Shade

July 17, 2009

Enjoying the shade of this tree at Poulsbo marina

Enjoying the shade of this tree at the Poulsbo marina

“This is God’s hospitality,
And whoso rests beneath a tree
Hath cause to thank Him gratefully.”
     — Theodosia Garrison