Playing Tourist Guide

May 20, 2013

Tour bus at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes pn the Sea of Galilee

Tour bus at the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes at the Sea of Galilee

Whew, are you feeling like a pilgrim yet?  I feel like one of those tour guides holding a flag or a pink umbrella, pulling you along the various highpoints of my April journey.  I hope that you are not groaning and saying, not another one of Rosemary’s slideshows!

When friends and colleagues asked me, upon my return, what was your favorite part of the trip, I couldn’t name one thing.  How do you compare walking a coastal path in Iceland with visiting Kafr Kama, or the souk in Akko to the one in Old City Jerusalem, or my sister’s backyard breakfast with a restaurant meal?  I’m not being coy when I can’t name a favorite experience.  I loved every minute and feel fortunate for the spectacular sights as well as the quieter ones.

For me, putting together these blog posts about my travels has been pure joy.  I get to re-live my trip again as I go through my photos and travel journal, trying to put together a narrative that shows you my impressions of the destinations I visited so recently.  I hope you will continue to bear with me.  I still want to blog about Amsterdam and France!