University District Street Fair in Seattle

This is the weekend for the annual University District Street Fair in Seattle.  The “Ave” draws thousands of fair-goers who enjoy the street music, quality arts and crafts, and food, of course.  This event, more than Memorial Day, seems to signal the start of the summer season in Seattle.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries on skewers

Savoring a bite of chocolate and strawberry

Young street musician at the University District Street Fair

More street music

Music for many tastes -- even accordion

Vendor selling fairy wings

Colorful scarf stall

Lots of fair-goers bring their dogs

The University District Street Fair is the best place for people-watching.

Dressed for the fair

Vintage clip-on earrings

My friend Carol gave me some of her mother’s vintage clip-on earrings.  I don’t wear earrings, but found some unconventional ways to use them.  I love the idea of re-purposing old things to extend their useful life.

Clip-on earrings make lovely scarf clips or brooches.  Or you can use them as little “clothespins” to hang paper cards, photos, magazine clippings that you keep for inspiration or future projects.

Earring used as a scarf embellishment.

Earring used as a scarf clip

Earring used to clip a card to a twine clothesline