Are these tiny green pods baby chestnuts?

The flowers are now withering and falling from the horse chestnut trees.  When I looked closely, I noticed some tiny, green pods on the flower stems.  Could these be baby horse chestnuts?

Horse chestnut pods and one flower

The leaves of a horse chestnut tree are palmately compound, with leaves opening like fingers round the palm of your hand.

Horse chestnut tree in flower

I do miss the horse chestnut trees that were removed from our street corner, but I can’t help but notice them around the city right now because they are in full bloom.  And their flowers are gigantic!  I like the Scarlet Horse Chestnut trees — there are a lot of them blooming at the Ballard Locks right now.  Their flowers are like little red Christmas trees decorating the green horse chestnut trees.

Scarlet horse chestnut flowers

Scarlet horse chestnut trees at the Ballard Locks

Towering trees at the Ballard Locks

I really like the shape and arrangement of the leaves of these trees.  Here are some shots looking up into the canopy:

The leaves make a lovely pattern

Horse chestnut trees in Columbia City