Old-Fashioned Ribbon Candy

December 23, 2011

Old-fashioned ribbon candy

Stack of ribbon candy

I have a memory of ribbon candy tied like dangling ornaments from my grandparents’ Christmas tree.  We lived with my grandparents in our old farm house until I was five years old, and then they moved to a smaller, new house on a corner of the farm property.  So this is an old memory.  I have no other associations with ribbon candy — I don’t remember eating it or my mother decorating with it.  So ribbon candy feels old-fashioned to me — I call it “Grandma candy,” like those soft pastel peanut candies or gumdrops.

Ink sketch of ribbon candy

Watercolor sketches of ribbon candy

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Everywhere you go . . .”
— Meredith Wilson

It’s fun going to nurseries to see all of the holiday greens and home decor items.  Here are some more photos from Molbak’s Nursery.

Flocked pinecone and pine needles

Ribbon candy ornaments

Poinsettia teapot


Molbak's Annual Festival of Poinsettias