Seagull seizing a starfish

Quite a large morsel

Carrying its prey to shore

As my husband and I were walking Vancouver’s seawall path in Stanley Park, we saw a seagull swoop down and grab a starfish.  It must have looked like a tasty morsel, but the starfish was quite large relative to the seagull, and there was no way the bird could take flight again with that prey in its beak. The seagull struggled with its prize, eventually taking it to the rocky beach.  We left before we saw how the drama ended — did the seagull abandon the starfish or figure out how to actually eat it?

It was definitely a case of the seagull’s eyes being bigger than its stomach.

We could relate.  My husband and I splurged on the Hyatt’s breakfast buffet just a few hours earlier.  Everything looked so good — I must have eaten about three breakfasts worth in one sitting!

First servings from Hyatt's breakfast buffet


Breakfast at the Bay Cafe

December 30, 2010

Early morning at the Bay Cafe in Ballard

One of my husband’s and my favorite breakfast places in Seattle is the Bay Cafe in Fishermen’s Terminal.  We both woke up early this morning and decided to treat ourselves to breakfast.  The crescent moon shown brightly in the clear dawn.  The Olympic Mountains glowed white on the horizon.  Few people were stirring.  Our table at the Bay Cafe overlooked the moorage full of commercial fishing boats.  It’s always fun to be by the water.

Crescent moon in the dawn sky

The Bay Cafe ready for the breakfast rush

Seafood omelette and hash browns

The moorage at Fishermen's Terminal

Coiled nets

Water line

Weathered flag

Memorial for fishermen most at sea

Memorial for fishermen lost at sea

Olympic Mountains from Shilshole Bay Marina, Ballard

Seagulls at Golden Gardens, Ballard


One of my favorite breakfasts when car camping is “omelettes-in-a-bag.”  I’ve made these omelettes in zip-lock bags in the past, but worried about the possible release of harmful chemicals in the boiling process.  This time I saved and re-used the bags from my Trader Joe’s microwavable brown rice.  I have received reassurances from the Trader Joe’s customer service representatives that these bags are safe for microwaving and boiling.

These omelettes taste great, but they are also super easy to make.  And clean up is a snap because there is no dirty pan!  In fact, I start by bringing a pot of water to the boil, then pour out enough for hot chocolate or tea.  I use the rest of the water to boil the omelettes-in-a-bag.  And then after they are cooked through in about 3 to 5 minutes, I use the hot water for washing the forks and cups we used for breakfast.  Easy!

Choose your omelette fillings and place in bag. I used cooked broccoli, pre-cooked and diced bacon, and shredded cheese.

Add two fresh eggs to your bag.

Seal bag (I stapled mine shut) and then squish to mix ingredients.

Place bags in boiling water and allow to cook for 3 to 5 minutes until solid.

Slide omelettes out of bags and enjoy!