Simple garland of money plant seed pods over my dining room door

An assortment of money plant (lunaria) seed pods

I love garlands.  The branch above my dining room doorway is almost a permanent fixture, but I like to hang different things from it to reflect the changing seasons or holidays.  For fall, I sewed together a garland of seed pods from money plants, and then looped it around the branch a few times.  I think it gives a lovely all-natural decorative touch to the room.

Detail of seed pod garland

Seed pod garland

And, of course, I was inspired to do a watercolor painting of the colorful pods.

Watercolor sketch of money plant seed pods

Handmade Money Plant Wreath

February 11, 2011

Simple wreath of seed pods from money plants

The book Fairie-ality Style: A Sourcebook of Inspirations from Nature by David Ellwand is one of the most gorgeous over-sized books that passed through my hands recently.  I loved the colorful photography and whimsical creations made of found materials in nature.  And I was inspired to make my own simple wreath of money plant seed pods after seeing one in the book.

Fairie-ality Style book by David Ellwand

Sample page from Ellwand's book

Page showing wreath made of the pods of a money plant


Seed pods from Lunaria annua, money plant

I love the translucent pearly pods.

Detail of wreath hanging in my kitchen window