Hiking trail up to the bluff at Ebey’s Landing

When I have company from out-of-town, I like to take them to Ebey’s Landing, one of my favorite hikes on Whidbey Island.  This loop trail provides a perfect slice of Pacific Northwest life — a ferry ride to get there, expansive views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, bucolic rural scenery, and a beach walk.  It’s not too strenuous, and a breeze keeps you cool even on a hot, sunny summer day.

We experienced a special treat on this most recent hike — a plein air artist was working on a landscape in oil pastels.  I always love to see artists at work.

Easel and trays of oil pastels at Ebey’s Landing

Steven R. Hill, plein air artist

An artist’s hands

Plein air art at Ebey’s Landing

View from Ebey’s Landing: a rural landscape with Mount Baker on the horizon

View out over Puget Sound

Looking down at the lagoon from the bluff at Ebey’s Landing

View of Olympic Mountains from across Puget Sound

On the bluff at Ebey's Landing, looking back to the trailhead

Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island is one of my all-time favorite hiking destinations.  Every step along the trail sports impressive views of Puget Sound.  It’s a fairly easy 3-mile loop hike.  We hike along the bluff going out and return along the beach.  Here are some photos of this year’s hike, my first hike of the season:

Patchwork of farm land viewed from the bluff

Hiking along the bluff trail

Below the bluff is a lagoon, separated from Puget Sound by a thin stretch of beach.

The bluff was full of wildflowers.

Looking down the bluff into the waters of the lagoon

Descending the bluff to the beach

Lagoon and log-strewn beach along Puget Sound

The waves sounded like a train entering a station.

Seagull in flight

Rocks and seaweed

Walking back to the trailhead along the beach