Making Sun Prints

August 24, 2015

Sample sun print pillows from Blueprints on  Fabric

Sample sun print pillows from Blueprints on

On a recent trip to Vashon Island, my friend Carol introduced me to artist Linda Stemer, who makes chemically-treated cotton and silk fabric for sun prints.  (She sells the fabric online at Blueprints on Fabric.)



It was fun looking at samples of the blueprinted fabrics Linda had on display, but it was even more fun making our own blueprints following Linda’s super-easy instructions.  What a perfect way to take advantage of our sunny summer weather.



You can see the entire process at this link.

I framed the feather print I made.  It goes well with our blue guest bedroom.

My feather sun print

My feather sun print



Walking to Work

May 3, 2010

I’ve been doing a good job greening up my commute by walking or taking the bus to work.  It’s about three miles one way (up hill).  I don’t often carry my camera with me because of its weight and bulk.  I’m already loaded down with books, lunch, water bottle, rain jacket and umbrella (you never know what Seattle weather will be doing in 8 hours after your work shift is done).  So I don’t often get to photograph things that catch my eye as I walk.

But I did carry my camera recently just so that I could capture some of the spring scenes.  Here are a few photos from that day:

Cat peering from window with lace curtains

Green trees line Green Lake (you've seen these same trees in some of my fall pictures)

Peacock after hours seen through the gates at the Woodland Park Zoo