Hellebores — I like how varied they are.  They see us through the winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and they still look good in Spring.

My mantra these days is “Just Show Up.”  Show up to paint.  Do the work.  Let the results go.  Do it again the next day (or in my case, on my next day off work).






Watercolor sketch of double hellebore

Watercolor sketch of double hellebore

Another watercolor sketch of hellebores

Another watercolor sketch of hellebores


Bed of blooming hellebores, Jello Mold Farm

Bed of blooming hellebores, Jello Mold Farm

There was one flower that was blooming in profusion at Jello Mold Farm this time of year — the hellebores.  They grew an amazing variety, as you can see below.

IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9930 IMG_9931 IMG_9933 IMG_9935 IMG_9938

And here are a couple of watercolor sketches.

Watercolor sketch of hellebores

Watercolor sketch of hellebores

Another watercolor sketch of a hellebore

Another watercolor sketch of a hellebore



Hellebore flowers floating in a shallow bowl at the Miller Horticultural Library

I first saw the idea for displaying cut hellebores by floating their flower heads in a shallow bowl on Val Easton’s Plant Talk blog where she reported on the Portland Flower and Garden show.  Then I saw this very idea on display at the Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the Center for Urban Horticulture.  This is such a beautiful way to display cut flowers that I wanted to share it with you.

Thank goodness for hellebores.  They add a grace note to late winter and early spring.

Hellebores in a neighbor's garden

A blush of pink and spring green

So graceful



Giving Heed to Nature

January 14, 2012

“It seems as if the day was not wholly profane, in which we have given heed to some natural object.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Winter blooming hellebore

White flower in a garden bed near the Green Lake Bath House Theatre

I was surprised to see these white blooms as I was walking around Green Lake.  I didn’t expect to see flowers in the middle of winter.  I think they are hellebores.

Watercolor sketch of hellebores


April 8, 2011

I am amazed by all of the various color combinations on hellebore blooms.

Hellebore with purple tinge, Center for Urban Horticulture

Hellebore with white edging

Pale green hellebores with pink tinge

Hellbore with bowed head

Pink hellebore

Blushing pink hellebore

February Hellebores

February 15, 2011

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”
     — Anne Bradstreet

February blooms: hellebores

Hellebores in a neighbor's garden

White hellebores

Thanks goodness for hellebores, such gorgeous blooms that brighten February in the Pacific Northwest.

Seed catalogues, Elisabeth C Miller Library

Lenten Roses

February 17, 2010

Helleborus are sometimes known by their common name, Lenten Roses.  I saw these hellebores blooming on a recent neighborhood walk, just in time for Lent.

Green hellebores

Purple hellebore

Double hellebores


Close-up of hellebore bloom

Bee attracted to hellebores

Zooming in