My colorful “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” quilt, handmade in the late 1970s

I’ve been thinking about color lately after reading a new book called Paris in Color by Nicole Robertson.  It featured wonderful photos of Paris, arranged by color.

Paris in Color

This book inspired me to look at Seattle as a city of color.  When I looked at my surroundings through this filtering lens, I came to realize that Seattle has a rather subdued color palette, even in summer.  I was surprised by this.  But when my eyes took in the big picture, I saw mostly greens and grays.  The vibrant patches were found mostly in the plants and flowers!

This row of houses is typical of the color palette in Seattle.

Still, I thought it a fun mini-project to seek out color in Seattle.  My next six posts will take you on a walk around the color wheel during mid-summer in Seattle.  Stay tuned . . . I think you’ll enjoy the color walk.