Boiled fish, pulled from the bones

I pulled the last package of frozen fish from the freezer.  I wanted to clear the freezer of last year’s fish before my husband starts bringing home his catches from this year.

My husband and nephew were loath to throw back anything, so this last package was a mixture of some very small crappies with some bigger ones.  I sorted out the smaller ones and prepared them using a recipe my Dad gave me on one of my trips to the farm.  He cut the recipe from Farm Pond Harvest Magazine, and it is especially good for small sunfish and crappies that you don’t want to mess with frying up.

Boiled Fish
from Farm Pond Harvest Magazine

Scale the fish, remove the heads and entrails.

Take a pot of water and a handful of salt and bring to a boil.  Put the fish into the water and bring back to a boil, which takes about three minutes.

Pour out the hot water and cool fish in cold water.  After they have cooled, pour out this water and let them sit for an hour or more.

Peel the meat off the bones.  Serve cold, as an appetizer, dipped in tartar sauce.  Or serve warm.

Gentle Fisherman

August 5, 2009

Fishing on Lake Union with Seattle skyline

Fishing on Lake Union with Seattle skyline

My husband's hands with fishing reel

My husband's hands with fishing reel

I think the following poem captures the spirit of my husband whenever I see him with a fishing pole in his hands.

by Robert Service

I like to look at fishermen
And often times I wish
One would be lucky now and then
And catch a little fish.
I watch them statuesquely stand,
And at the water look;
But if they pull their float to land
It’s just to bait a hook.

I ponder the psychology
That roots them in their place;
And wonder at the calm I see
In every angler’s face.
There is such patience in their eyes,
Beside the river’s brink;
And waiting for a bite or rise
I do not think they think.

Or else they are just gentle men,
Who love–they know not why,
 Green grace of trees or water when
It wimples to the sky . . .
Sweet simple souls! As vain I watch
My heart to you is kind:
Most precious prize of all you catch,
–Just Peace of Mind.