Sunrise enroute to St. Mary's entrance to Glacier National Park

We got up early for the drive from East Glacier to the entrance of the national park at St. Mary’s. . . just in time for a colorful sunrise!

Pink and purple clouds in a colorful Montana sunrise

Pink-tinged peaks in Glacier National Park

Morning sun lights the glacier at the peak of this mountain

Sunrise from Hwy 40 between East Glacier and St. Mary's

Sunset over East Glacier

September 30, 2010

The sunset over East Glacier rivaled any of the scenery we saw inside Glacier National Park.  The setting sun provided a spectacular, ever-changing, but short-lived show.

Sunset over the Glacier Park Lodge in East Glacier

Sunset over the Glacier Park Lodge

Sunset over the Amtrak station in East Glacier. The train arrived a few minutes later.

Ever-changing show in the sky

Sunset over mountain peaks

Spectacular Montana sunset

Sunset in East Glacier