More Dried Hydrangeas

March 5, 2012

Dried hydrangea

Dried hydrangeas

Watercolor sketch of dried hydrangeas


Limelight hydrangea in a winter garden

One of the glories of Jello Mold Farm in winter is the hydrangea bed.  I loved seeing how the hydrangeas dried naturally on the stalk.  The Limelight variety had particularly dense clusters of dried flowers on its conical heads.  The dried petals are paper-thin and translucent — lovely in the morning light.

Hydrangea bed at Jello Mold Farm

Limelight hydrangea -- a study in browns

Pink Diamond hydrangea in a winter garden

The light shines through the thin petals of this dried hydrangea


Dried Hydrangea

February 4, 2012

Watercolor sketch of dried hydrangea

This dried hydrangea head makes an interesting model for my Winter nature sketches.

Dried hydrangea blooms

Dried hydrangea flower