November display at the Greenwood Library

November display at the Greenwood Library




Gearing Up for Halloween

October 26, 2016

Current display at the Greenwood Library

Current display at the Greenwood Library

Every year businesses in the Greenwood and Phinney neighborhoods host a daytime trick-or-treat walk, and this year is no exception.  Here is the display advertising the event, complete with a few new crows in witch hats!




Library staff who are scheduled to work that day are welcome to dress up in costume.  I’ve always had lukewarm feelings about Halloween and never felt very comfortable dressing in a costume.  Maybe one’s feelings about this holiday are formed during childhood, and we never went trick-or-treating when we were kids.  My parents held the view that this activity was akin to begging and therefore shameful (?!?) in some way.  My mother would buy candy bars to give to us on Halloween so we wouldn’t feel deprived!

I don’t hold the same views as my parents did, and I enjoy seeing how excited kids become when dressed up and given candy treats.  It’s a festive occasion.  I still do not like to dress up in costumes — too exhibitionist for me.  Perhaps I should stretch myself and move out of my comfort zone.  But I don’t think so.

Happy Halloween!

July display at the Greenwood Library

July display at the Greenwood Library

Libraries across the country are deep into their summer reading programs, and the Greenwood Library where I work is no exception.  (Although we call it “Summer of Learning” to encompass a broader range of exploration and discovery beyond “just” reading!)  The theme for this year’s program is nature, and I created this display featuring some of my favorite books celebrating the natural world.  I’ve mentioned several of them in my blog posts over the  years.

Here are a couple of closer views so you can read the titles:



And here are the inside book drops:




January display at the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library

I volunteered to do the January display at the Greenwood Branch Library, so I chose to feature books about papercraft.  There are so many good books on the subject.  I didn’t have room to feature even a fraction.  Here are some close-up shots of parts of the display:

Papercraft display

Papercraft book covers and sample projects

Papercraft projects on display

More papercraft projects

Display at the Greenwood Branch Library