Some of you requested more (and better) photographs of the embroidered sea shells that decorate my jars of sea shells from Hawaii.  I searched for and found the pattern I used, from This is . . . “The Magic of the Sea” by Annie Designs, copyright 1980.  I haven’t done counted cross-stitch embroidery in a very long time, so it was fun to resurrect these old embroideries for you.  Thank you for your interest in them!

Cross-stitched embroidered sea shell jar cover

Cross-stitched sea shell jar cover

Embroidered strawberry shell with cross-stitch pattern

Embroidered cone shell with cross-stitch pattern

Spring Alphabet

March 24, 2010

I made this cross-stitched bunny in 1998.

A is for asparagus, April.

B is for blossoms.

C is for chicks, crocuses.

D is for daffodils, ducklings.

E is for eggs, Easter.

F is for fragrances.

G is for gardens, goslings.

H is for hyacinths, hot-cross buns

I is for iris.

J is for June, joy, jonquils.

K is for kites.

L is for lilacs, Lent, lambs.

M is for mud, morels, May.

N is for nests.

O is for offspring, ooze (mud), opening day of boating season.

P is for pastels.

Q is for quilts airing.

R is for rhubarb, robins, rain.

S is for showers, skunk cabbages.

T is for tulips.

U is for umbrellas.

V is for vernal equinox, verdure, variety, vim and vigor.

W is for warmth.

X is for extravaganza, exuberance, excessive.

Y is for yard work.

Z is for zest.