Book spines on my bookshelf

Book spine art had not really crossed my consciousness until I read Jessica Pigza’s blog post about her project to select 10 favorite books spines from the New York Public Library collections for an article in a zine called Afterzine. 

Let me introduce you to Pigza, an amazingly creative woman who is also a rare books librarian at the New York Public Library.  She calls herself “The Handmade Librarian,” and she has her own blog —  Among the amazing things she does is facilitate Handmade Crafternoons at the library, a DIY forum for bringing together working artists, crafters, and library patrons who use the library collections for inspiration.  For example, Denyse Schmidt, one of my favorite quilters, was invited to host a free Crafternoon program last December.  How cool is that!! You can find out more about the New York Library programs at

I’ve long had a trip to New York City on my personal “bucket” list.  And when I do finally get there, I will definitely check out a Crafternoon event at the library!