Blue hydrangea petals

Blue hydrangea petals

I set out on a recent neighborhood walk to photograph a color wheel in the hues of a Seattle summer day.

Green acorns amidst green oak leaves

Green acorns amidst green oak leaves

Yellow -- floral suns in a blue sky

Yellow — floral suns in a blue sky

Orange signals summer road construction projects

Orange signals summer road construction projects

Red flowers in a hanging basket in the shade of a porch

Red flowers in a hanging basket in the shade of a porch

Violet clematis

Violet clematis

And back to blue -- the cloudless skies of a midsummer day

And back to blue — the cloudless skies of a midsummer day







“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
–Alice Walker

Pale purple gladiolus

A purple trio of geranium flowers

Purple pansies all in a row

Purple poppies

Lovely magenta poppies


Somewhere between purple and red, knautica macedonica

Plum-colored hydrangea


Clematis vine

Late season lavender

Fuchsia-colored foxglove, purplish pink

Purplish-pinks and blues of sweet peas

Plums, Pike Place Market

Bing cherries, Pike Place Market

This concludes our walks along the color wheel.  Hope you enjoyed the rambles!

The blue-ribbon days of summer!

Hydrangeas in blues and purples

A bush of blue hydrangeas

Garden art: blue plate in a garden gate

I love the blue stems of sea holly


Nothing but blue skies (Just kidding — this is Seattle, after all!)

Chihuly Garden and Glass sculpture brings this quote to life: “There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” (Vincent Van Gogh)

Blue window trim, Post Alley


Sweet blueberries, just picked

Sandra Cintro’s Encontro das Aguas (Encounters with Water) at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”
— Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Spanish poet

A line of towering trees at Green Lake

Striped leaf

Unfurled poppy

Adorned poppy seed cases

Gladioli stalks

Leaves of a dogwood tree

More poppy seed cases

Little green apple


The yellow-green of a new sunflower waiting to bloom

Fluorescent yellow-green escalator in Seattle’s downtown library

Seattle green is the dark green of the trim on the Washington State Ferries.

And it’s also the green of Starbucks, our local Seattle coffee company, now a worldly giant

“How wonderful yellow is.  It stands for the sun.”
— Vincent Van Gogh

The sunflower’s sunny face

Sunflower silhouette

Garden art: a sunflower plate on a garden gate

Orange-yellow squash blossom

Bed of yellow yarrow

Yarrow crowned with yellow

Yellow and orange blanket flowers

Yellow lily

Garden loosestrife

St. John’s wart, a popular ground cover in Seattle

Our yellow weed, the dandelion

Yellow chairs bolted to the pier overlooking Elliott Bay in downtown Seattle

Yellow chairs with ferry, Elliott Bay

Yellow chairs with ferris wheel, Seattle waterfront

Summer sweet corn on the cob

Lemons in a blue bowl







“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”
— Kandinsky

Orange lilies



Striped umbrella, outdoor dining

Orange calendula

Orange poppy

Honeysuckle in oranges and pinks

More reddish-orange lilies

And yet another photo of a lily

Salmon filets, Pike Place Fish Market

Fishmonger from Pike Place Fish Market shows a young man a fresh Dungeness crab

Dahlias, Pike Place Market

The Space Needle (painted orange for the 50th anniversary of Seattle’s World Fair) seen beneath Calder’s Eagle, Olympic Sculpture Park






May your summer be filled with red letter days!

Lucifer crocosmia

Two pots of strikingly red geraniums brighten this yard.

Hummingbird feeder, no hummers

Ethereal poppy

Boat rentals at Green Lake

Ubiquitous red stop signs

Rainier cherries, Pike Place Market

Raspberries, Pike Place Market

Fire engine red

Red chairs in the pavilion at Olympic Sculpture Park, with “Encounters with Water” wall art

The Seattle signature (muted) wardrobe brightened by a red beach bucket






My colorful “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” quilt, handmade in the late 1970s

I’ve been thinking about color lately after reading a new book called Paris in Color by Nicole Robertson.  It featured wonderful photos of Paris, arranged by color.

Paris in Color

This book inspired me to look at Seattle as a city of color.  When I looked at my surroundings through this filtering lens, I came to realize that Seattle has a rather subdued color palette, even in summer.  I was surprised by this.  But when my eyes took in the big picture, I saw mostly greens and grays.  The vibrant patches were found mostly in the plants and flowers!

This row of houses is typical of the color palette in Seattle.

Still, I thought it a fun mini-project to seek out color in Seattle.  My next six posts will take you on a walk around the color wheel during mid-summer in Seattle.  Stay tuned . . . I think you’ll enjoy the color walk.

Watercolor sketch of color wheel composed of summer flowers

It was fun hunting for floral treasures in yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green.