Airing Out Quilts

June 5, 2011

Airing out the winter quilts

Air-freshened quilts

A sure sign of spring — taking advantage of a sunny day to air out the quilts that have been on our bed this winter.  I put these quilts away and found another one to use as we head toward summer.  Still using flannel sheets!

A neighbor's weathered clothes lines and clothes pins

Pegged out to dry


Mom’s Clothespins

August 5, 2010

Well used wooden clothespins

Plastic ice cream bucket full of wooden clothespins

I see my Mom in the ordinary things she handled, day in and day out.  Laundry was a twice-a-week affair, and these clothespins got a hard workout.  She’d hold a couple of clothespins between her lips as her hands were occupied with the wet, freshly laundered clothes ready to be pegged to the line to dry.  Some of the clothespins were so stretched out from years of use, that they were good only for holding up the heaviest denim jeans or rag rugs.

Watercolor sketches of clothespins

The Clothes Pin
by Jane Kenyon, from Collected Poems

How much better it is
to carry wood to the fire
than to moan about your life.
How much better
to throw the garbage
onto the compost, or to pin the clean
sheet on the line
with a gray-brown wooden clothes pin!