Something to Crow About

August 27, 2015


“He liked the hens.  He liked their bobbing, pecking scurry and the old lady sort of attitude they took about their roosts.  He liked eggs too . . .”
— Richard Wagamese, Medicine Walk





Kathryn, age 6, with home-raised eggs

Kathryn, age 6, with home-raised eggs

In k and colored pencil sketch of rooster

In k and colored pencil sketch of rooster

Watercolor sketch "Something to Crow About"

Watercolor sketch “Something to Crow About”


Gifts from Garden and Coop

September 6, 2012

Pastel-colored eggs from Anne’s “girls”

Gifts from the garden and chicken coop.  I’ve already shared recipes for blackberry jam and zucchini pancakes, and here are just a few more garden gifts I’m enjoying right now.  This is truly a season of abundance, and I appreciate those who have shared this bounty with me.

Eggs from Anne’s chickens — they’ve been gracing my breakfasts

Eggplants from Katie’s container garden

I used the eggplants in this recipe: Eggplants with Chickpeas in Peanut Masala

Row of windfall apples

Windfall apples from Colleen’s tree

Rustic apple pie from windfall apples

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

April 4, 2010

Eggs from Anne's chickens in a handmade basket


Fran's Chocolate Easter eggs


Dyeing Easter eggs

Colored eggs for Easter brunch

Easter eggs