A common sign on the backroads of Montana

On our return home to Seattle from Glacier National Park, we enjoyed the final miles of a leisurely road trip through sparsely travelled backroads.  We headed back towards I-90 via U.S. Hwy 93, and Montana highways 28, 200 and 135.  I marvel at the good quality of American roads.  It certainly feels like an indulgence to take a road trip these days, with global warming and the energy situation, but I appreciate the chance to do so.

Burnt tree trunks line the hilltop on Hwy 89 near St. Mary's.

View from Hwy 89 between St. Mary's and East Glacier

We saw miles and miles of barbed-wire fences along the backroads.

Old barn along Montana Hwy 28

Colorful cattails in the ditch along Montana Hwy 28