Molbak's tree made of poinsettias -- a great spot for holiday photos

 Molbak’s Nursery in Woodinville hosts an Annual Festival of Poinsettias, with over 25 varieties of these traditional holiday flowers.  It’s a lovely destination guaranteed to lift your spirits with color during the dark days of November and December.  I’ve already gone twice this year.

Here are just some of the poinsettia varieties I captured in photos and watercolors:

Watercolor sketch of poinsettia petals

Red Glitter poinsettia

Strawberries and Cream poinsettias

I didn't get the name of this creamy poinsettia.

Carousel Dark Red

Ice Punch Marble

Prestige Maroon

Christmas Angel Marbella

Watercolor sketch of Christmas Angel Marbella Poinsettia