Easter Bunny Ears

April 4, 2010

Waiting for the Interurban on Easter Sunday

Waiting for the Interurban in bunny ears

Waiting for the Interurban sculpture decorated for Easter

One of Seattle’s icons is a sculpture in the Fremont district called “Waiting for the Interurban.”  This piece of public art seems to invite people to decorate it in celebration of personal birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, as well as seasonal holidays.  Today, in celebration of Easter Sunday, the sculptures were decked with bunny ears.

Seeing them reminded me of my daughter at age 4 after an Easter outing.  I love the way she created bunny whiskers from a strip of fabric.

My daughter in bunny ears and whiskers, 1993

The Martha Stewart in Me

March 25, 2010

New treatment over the dining room door

Garland of paper beads and buttons, dyed egg, and paper bunnies

Bunny ornament, silver balls, and garland of paper beads and buttons

I don’t do as much seasonal decorating as I did when my daughter was small.  But this year I created a little point of interest above our dining room door.  I simply tacked up a horizontal branch, and then decorated it with a few handmade things:  some blown-out eggs that were then dyed, some paper bunnies, and a garland strung with paper beads, buttons, and silver balls.  Simple, but festive.