Consider this -- conversations with local artisans and craftspeople

I follow a number of blogs, and one of my favorites is The Handmade Librarian who writes about things I love — books, crafts, creative people, libraries, do-it-yourself projects . . . Her post of March 29th, 2012 was such a treasure that I felt I should pass it along to you as a special gift.

Jessica Pigza, the Handmade Librarian, writes about Nick Hand’s new book, Conversations on the Coast:  “Over the last few years, Nick has been at work on a bicycle-based project somewhat akin to slow food and slow fashion. The Slowcoast project was built around Nick’s biking journey along the coastlines of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Along the way, he stopped often to meet and record the work of local creative makers and designers. The results of his explorations are twofold: a series of short documentaries recording interviews with artisans, and a book called Conversations on the Coast.”

If you follow the links to the Slowcoast Project, you will find a real trove — about 100 short (4-1/2 minute) slideshows and interviews with a diverse mixture of people.  All are engaged in creative and interesting work, for example making baskets, growing daisies, farming, making cheese, designing clothes, etc.  You can link to the slideshows here.  If you admire handmade things, hands-on craft, and local, independent businesses, you will find much to delight you in these presentations.


P. S. Quite by accident I came across another project focusing on short videos about Brooklynites who make things by hand.  “Made by Hand” is a project from the, and you can like to the videos here.