“This fall ducks flew across the sky in great ‘V’s as if that one letter were defecting from the alphabet . . .”
— Gretel Ehrlich, “The Smooth Skull of Winter”

Migrating geese on the wing

I love musing about Vs defecting from the alphabet!

Here is someone else who obviously muses about letters:

“Doesn’t it strike you as strange that we have a letter in the alphabet that nobody uses?  It represents one twenty-sixth of the possibility of our language, and we let it languish.  If you and I really, truly wanted to change the world, we’d invent more words that started with x.”
— David Levithan, from The Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel




Summer Alphabet

July 2, 2010

Summer Alphabet

Summer Alphabet

 A is for ants at a picnic

B is for bare feet, barbeques, beach, bumble bees, and bicycling

C is for corn on the cob, camping, campfires, croquet, canning, and crickets chirping

D is for daisy chains and dahlias

E is for electric fan

F is for freckles, fly swatter, fishing, fireworks, fairs, flip-flops, and farmers’ markets

G is for gardening, green grass, gnats, and grasshoppers

H is for hauling hay, hiking, and hammock

I is for iced tea, ice cooler, and homemade ice cream

J is for canning jars, preserving jams and jellies, and juicy berries

K is for kites and kick-the-can

L is for lemonade, lavender, long days, and lawn mower

M is for mosquitoes

N is for naps and neighborhood block parties

O is for outdoor concerts, oars, and Off insect repellent

P is for peaches, parade, popsicle, picnic, porch, and postcards from vacation spots

Q is for quart mason jars and quilts on the lawn

R is for roses and road map

S is for sunburn, shade, screens, sandcastles, s’mores, sprinkler, straw hats, and seersucker

T is for thunder, tent, tomatoes, and toasted marshmallows

U is for U-pick berries, umbrellas at the beach

V is for Vitamin D, vacation, and fresh vegetables

W is for weeds, white shoes, and watermelon

X is for exploding fireworks, playing with the X-box in the backseat of the car

Y is for yard sales and yard work

Z is for zucchini, zinnias, and the buzzzzzzz of flies trying to get outside

Spring Alphabet

March 24, 2010

I made this cross-stitched bunny in 1998.

A is for asparagus, April.

B is for blossoms.

C is for chicks, crocuses.

D is for daffodils, ducklings.

E is for eggs, Easter.

F is for fragrances.

G is for gardens, goslings.

H is for hyacinths, hot-cross buns

I is for iris.

J is for June, joy, jonquils.

K is for kites.

L is for lilacs, Lent, lambs.

M is for mud, morels, May.

N is for nests.

O is for offspring, ooze (mud), opening day of boating season.

P is for pastels.

Q is for quilts airing.

R is for rhubarb, robins, rain.

S is for showers, skunk cabbages.

T is for tulips.

U is for umbrellas.

V is for vernal equinox, verdure, variety, vim and vigor.

W is for warmth.

X is for extravaganza, exuberance, excessive.

Y is for yard work.

Z is for zest.