Daily Doodle # 25: Sistine Chapel Fingers

April 25, 2017

Sistine Chapel fingers


4 Responses to “Daily Doodle # 25: Sistine Chapel Fingers”

  1. Laura Says:

    Your drawings are lovely, Rosemary, and so are the backgrounds you use. Please tell us more about what you’re using for backgrounds….some look like book jackets, perhaps book catalogs? I’m curious.

  2. Rosemary Says:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been out of wifi contact for a few days. I have been saving paper from magazines, booklets, brochures, etc. that I thought I might someday use in making collages. No rhyme or reason to what appealed to me — color, pattern, etc. I used some of those papers for the doodling project.

  3. Laura Says:

    Thanks, Rosemary. I love the juxtaposition of your drawings on the backgrounds. The two work together so well!

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