Daily Doodle # 21: Ginkgo Leaves

April 21, 2017

Daily doodle: ginkgo leaves

Ginkgo leaves are well suited to line doodling because the veins in the leaves fan out from a single point, making a nice pattern.

Here is a ginkgo design from the Marimekko studios, which served as inspiration for today’s doodle:

“ginkgo” design by Kristina Isola, 2005, from Marimekko In Pattern

3 Responses to “Daily Doodle # 21: Ginkgo Leaves”

  1. Irene Says:

    I am enjoying this doodle series and your interesting combination of backgrounds and line work. Thanks!!

  2. Irene Says:

    I m enjoying your series of doodles and the combination of line work and backgrounds! Thanks!

  3. […] Daily Doodle # 21: Ginkgo Leaves, April 21, 2017 […]

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