Time to Break Out

March 27, 2017

Magnolia buds

Magnolia buds, just about to break out into blossom

by Maya Spector

It’s time to break out —
Jailbreak time.
Time to punch our way out of
the dark winter prison.
Lilacs are doing it
in sudden explosions of soft purple,
And the jasmine vines, and ranunculus, too.
There is no jailer powerful enough
to hold Spring contained.
Let that be a lesson.
Stop holding back the blossoming!
Quit shutting eyes and gritting teeth,
curling fingers into fists, hunching shoulders.
Lose your determination to remain unchanged.
All the forces of nature
want you to open,
Their gentle nudge carries behind it
the force of a flash flood.
Why make a cell your home
when the door is unlocked
and the garden is waiting for you?

Cherry tree, about to blossom soon

Here in Seattle, it’s too soon for lilacs.  But with our lat spring, we await the blossoming of the cherry and plum trees.  Any day now!



2 Responses to “Time to Break Out”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    This reminds me so much of a Rumi poem — but I can’t remember it, exactly, and I’m going to have to go looking. Right now, it’s time for a shower and supper. Then, I’ll see if I can’t dig it up for you.

    • shoreacres Says:

      That didn’t take long!

      Your way begins
      on the other side
      become the sky
      take an axe to the prison wall
      walk out like someone
      suddenly born into color
      do it now

      I wonder if Spector knew this poem. It’s remarkably similar in tone.

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