Thinking about What We Wonder At

February 23, 2017

Pacific coast

Pacific coast

“Men go forth to wonder at the heights of mountains,
the huge waves of the sea,
the broad flow of the rivers,
the vast compass of the ocean,
the courses of the stars,
and they pass by themselves without wondering.”
— Saint Augustine

What are we passing by?

One Response to “Thinking about What We Wonder At”

  1. Elisa Says:

    I want to come back later to see what I have missed. I have been busy being politically active and protesting. I am feeling that constant protesting does little but burn me out. Feels to me more like reaction. Feels to me a bit like a Temper Tantrum, sudden burst of energy hurled without too much aim. I think I know what I do not want, but no movement toward what I DO want. And how does that action phase NOT create more factions of I Wants?

    I miss Wonder! It is my cue that I am on the beam. Doing the next right sized thing 🙂

    Ok out to canvass voters and work on petitions for candidates to be added to the ballots. It’s DERN cold and bursting snow sigh. Civic duty can seem like a PITA. I understand better now why it can be so simple to stay inside in the warm and to think oh I acted yesterday, someone else will do it today.

    Hope you are well!

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