Iterations: Attempting to Perfect a Work

February 21, 2017

Pussy willows

Pussy willows

“One ought never to forget that by actually perfecting one piece, one learns more than beginning or half finishing ten.  Let it rest, let it rest and keep going back to it and working at it over and over again until there is not a note too much or too little, not a bar you could improve upon.  Whether it is beautiful is and entirely different matter, but perfect it must be.”
— Johannes Brahms

I’ve been trying to paint pussy willows, and after several iterations, I still haven’t managed to capture them perfectly.  Not all of my attempts are pleasing.  With watercolors, I find that working it over generally muddies things, and it is better to slow down and make a new beginning.  I’m still not satisfied with my results, so I need to try again (and again).






2 Responses to “Iterations: Attempting to Perfect a Work”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Quite apart from your artistic endeavors, I must say — I’ve never seen such colorful pussy willows. Ours were lovely, but mostly gray. At least, that’s how I remember them. What fun to work with these beauties.

  2. Elisa Says:

    I like all of your efforts! If I had to say I disliked one it’s the one with the yellow background, however yellow isn’t my fav color to begin with. My art goes till it pleases me or it does not. I have been shown and I think I agree, that all art is a work, meaning it has no end, just as my perception and then expressions of it also have no end. Thus is perfection the ‘done’ point, that for me doesn’t exist OR is it when my perception shouts YES!?

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