Snow Day! A Gift of Time

February 6, 2017

“I love that snow is mineral, falling as billions of temporary stars.”
— Diane Ackerman, Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day

Weeping poplar, snowy landscape

Weeping poplar, snowy landscape

“”They seem tentative and awkward at first, then in a hastening host a whole brief army falls, white militia paratrooping out of the close sky over various textures, making them one.”
— Donald Hall, Seasons at Eagle Pond

My neighborhood this morning

My neighborhood this morning

Today I woke to a snow-covered world, and when I checked the inclement weather hotline I heard that the city’s branch libraries were closed today and I didn’t have to go to work. Yippee!  A snow day!  A whole day of unscheduled time.  What a gift!

I donned boots and took a morning walk around Green Lake.  So pretty.

Path at Green Lake

Path at Green Lake

Dawn Redwood at lake's edge

Dawn Redwood at lake’s edge

I loved the pattern of the black branches laden with white frosting

I loved the pattern of the black branches laden with white frosting


Witch hazel

Witch hazel





3 Responses to “Snow Day! A Gift of Time”

  1. Pat Says:

    These are beautiful, Rosemary. I can smell the snow and cold.

  2. shoreacres Says:

    Truly beautiful. I have snow envy!

  3. Kathleen Flannery Says:

    It is always pleasant to look at the result of a significant snowfall, less pleasant to deal with having to get somewhere in it. You did a fine job photographing it.

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