The Right to Petition

January 25, 2017

I’ve been quiet lately, pulled away from creating art and blog posts because I am going through my days stunned (but not surprised) by the actions of our President.  I have been taking more time out to read and be informed about politics because I feel I had become too complacent.  Being informed is time consuming and wears on my mental health — it’s a downer.  But I will persevere because it is more important than ever to speak out against injustice and for our democratic values and human rights.

You know that Trump has refused to release his tax returns and claims that the American people don’t care about this (he claims that only the media is making an issue out of this). Well, there is a way for WE THE PEOPLE to let Trump know that we DO care.

I read about an online petition gathering signatures asking for the release of his tax returns in this NY Times article:

I decided to exercise my First Amendment right to petition for a redress:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
—The First Amendment, United States Constitution”

If you want to sign the petition, too, the link is here:

I hope it garners millions of signatures (though I won’t be surprised if Trump takes down this website soon).


10 Responses to “The Right to Petition”

  1. carolyn cochran Says:

    Rosemary, thank you for sending this petition link. I’ve signed the petition as one more step to protect myself and my fellow citizens.

  2. Mary Heath Says:

    Thanks for this, Rosemary.

    We all feel the same as you up here in Skagit. Action seems to help with an organized group in Anacortes attempting to stay focused on what’s happening. Nancy and Katie and her husband made a trip to Senators’ offices in Everett yesterday (a weekly goal) and marching made me feel connected this weekend. Do you know about a website called Has 4 practical actions to take each week and it’s not scary, if you know what I mean.

    Hope you are well. I haven’t painted in a year but it’s maybe the time to start again! Love Mary


  3. Mary Hull Says:

    Thank you, thank you Rosemary. There are so many petitions out there and I think we should all sign this one. I’m forwarding, as is my sister in NYC. We both love your blog.

    Mary Hull


  4. Dorothy Downes Says:

    Thank you for your work, enlightenment and encouragement. We all lead with small steps.

    From Dorothy Downes 360-466-4152

  5. Norskgirl Says:

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and providing these links. I share your sentiments. I was unaware of these sites and the opportunity provided to make my voice (e-signature) known in this fashion. I sent along the links to other folks I thought might be interested petitioners. Keep well.

  6. Donna Donabella Says:

    Good for you and thanks for the link….I have been signing many petitions on this and other issues….it is surreal at the moment and we must all protect our freedoms and hold our politicians accountable.

  7. Katie Johnson Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! I signed!

  8. Thank you for the info and petition sites! Will sign, I will, I will!

  9. Elisa Says:

    Already signed an earlier one, they seem to have ‘addressed’ this by saying No and then backtracking and saying he will when audit is finished, it seems so far no one has mentioned if there IS the audit at all.

  10. Diana Studer Says:

    Getting towards half a million there.
    I signed too.

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