Handmade Christmas Trees

December 8, 2016

“O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree . . .”

Watercolor painting of Christmas tree

Watercolor painting of Christmas tree

In lieu of a real Christmas tree this year, I’ve created a couple of hand-crafted, scrappy trees from materials at hand.  I used a broken, misshapen garden trellis as the base for a rustic tree.  One string of lights and a few favorite ornaments, and it transformed into a magical spot of holiday cheer.


I’ve always loved paper crafts, so I created a tree of paper snowflakes.  Just cut a bunch of snowflakes of assorted sizes, stack them from large to small on a wooden dowel (I used a pencil), and top with an old earring.

Cut paper snowflakes

Cut paper snowflakes

Roughly sort by size

Roughly sort by size

Stack on a dowel, large to small

Stack on a dowel, large to small

Voila!  A snowflake tree!

Voila! A snowflake tree!



4 Responses to “Handmade Christmas Trees”

  1. Bobbi Krebs-McMullen Says:

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing your creativity and holiday cheer made even more special by their simplicity.

  2. Lynne Auld Says:

    Beautiful, and fun – thanks, Rosemary!

  3. shoreacres Says:

    I’ve never seen a snowflake tree. Just lovely — and it would be lots of fun to make. I always enjoyed making paper snowflakes.

  4. Irene Says:

    Love these! Thanks for inspiration and holiday spirit.

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