In Praise of Idleness Drawing 22

November 17, 2016

Peace on earth

Peace on earth



4 Responses to “In Praise of Idleness Drawing 22”

  1. carolyn cochran Says:

    my favorite is Peace on Earth.

  2. Rosemary, you continue to inspire me with your drawings. My friend and I have taken up your idea to use a book as a sketchbook … I am now 17 days into my 100 days of drawing. Thanks for being our inspiration and motivation!

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thanks for letting me know about your embarcation on the drawing project. I haven’t managed 17 consecutive days yet. Despite my intentions, I sometimes don’t make the time to stop my working day and errands and commitments for even a half hour to draw. But I hope to quickly get back on the wagon, and do a few drawings on a single day occasionally to make up for my lapses. I also feel the need to paint with color sometimes. So far haven’t found time to work both into my schedule. The pen and ink drawings will take precedence for now.

      Let me know how you think about the project as you advance through more days of your commitment. I’m interested in any “lessons” you are learning about yourself and your art.

      • Yes, it is becoming more challenging to get the daily sketches done on time and I have also resorted to ‘catch-up’ days. While daily sketching in ink forces one to think in terms of values, to develop a daily practice, and to long for adding colour, it does take away from painting time which is already limited. My book about happiness provides daily prompts and I’m feeling inclined to draw something that connects with the prompt.
        You’ve inspired at least 3 others now… bravo, Rosemary! :

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