Hydrangeas: Mood Rings for the Soil

August 2, 2016

Hydrangeas in pinks and blues

Hydrangeas in pinks and blues

One of my readers commented on my July 8th post that hydrangeas change color based on the pH or acidity levels of the soil.  Hydrangeas planted in strongly acidic soil (pH below 6) tend to be blue.  Those planted in alkaline soil (pH 7 and above) are pink.  And those planted in neutral soil (pH 6 to 7) display purple hues.

That made me think of mood rings!

I still don’t understand how one bush can bloom in an array of colors, from pink to purple to blue.

And, I read that white hydrangeas are not barometers of soil acidity.

Regardless of color, those hues are wonderfully represented in watercolors.

Painting hydrangeas

Painting hydrangeas

Hydrangeas in small vase

Hydrangeas in small vase



2 Responses to “Hydrangeas: Mood Rings for the Soil”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    I grew up with white hydrangeas, but I’ve seen the color changes. Do you remember the old-fashioned humidity sensors that changed color as humidity rose and fell? My grandmother’s showed a lady in a hoop skirt. The fuzzy skirt was treated with the chemical, and changed as the weather did: pink to blue, and back again.

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