The Poetry of Pears

July 23, 2016

The poetry of pears is in their flavor.



Watercolor, three pears

Watercolor, three pears

“Pears, it is truly said, are less poetic than apples.  They have neither the beauty nor fragrance of apple, but their flavor . . .”
_ Henry David Thoreau, journal entry, October 11, 1860


2 Responses to “The Poetry of Pears”

  1. shoreacres Says:

    Now I’m wondering: why do I think of pears as tasteless? Perhaps it’s that we only have a hard “cooking” pear that grows here, and those in the grocery are even harder. Once they become edible, they’re bland and mealy.

    If you’d painted two pears, it could have been the start of a series called “The Poetry of Pairs.” 🙂

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