Purple Stars on the Clematis

June 30, 2016

Clematis, Jello Mold Farm

Clematis, Jello Mold Farm

“The common hill-flowers wither, but they blossom again.  The laburnum will be as yellow next June as it is now.  In a month there will be purple stars on the clematis, and year after year the green night of its leaves will hold purple stars.  But we never get back our youth.”
— Oscar Wilde, from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”



Clematis seed case

Clematis seed case




4 Responses to “Purple Stars on the Clematis”

  1. beautyful pictures, I love clematis !

  2. Diana Studer Says:

    the seeds are magnificent

  3. shoreacres Says:

    I’d been searching for red and purple leatherflower, two of our native clematis, and it was the seed head that caught my attention. Clematis drummondii, or old man’s beard, has great, fluffy seeds, but the leatherflower look more like these. They’re so attractive.

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