Painting in Kitty’s Iris Garden

April 30, 2016

Kitty's iris garden on Samish Island

Kitty’s iris garden on Samish Island

This iris is called 'Moonlit Water'

This iris is called ‘Moonlit Water’

We picked a cool day for our trip up north to Samish Island to paint in our friend Kitty’s iris garden.  Her irises are just starting to bloom.  It was rather nice, actually, to have fewer irises to gaze at.  In another week or two, there will be so many colors and varieties vying for our attention.

This is such an inspiring place, lovingly tended, overlooking the Sound.  I am loving painting irises this year.

More photos from Kitty's and Steve's garden

More photos from Kitty’s and Steve’s garden






Painted in the garden

Painted in the garden

From Kitty's porch during a rain shower

From Kitty’s porch during a rain shower



3 Responses to “Painting in Kitty’s Iris Garden”

  1. Lynne Auld Says:

    Your springtime flower photos and paintings are really inspired, Rosemary. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us!

  2. shoreacres Says:

    I always look forward to your visits there. I’m assuming these all are hybrids? Last year, I wouldn’t have known there was a difference between wild and hybrid, but I found ditches full of our natives this year, and they are rather different. The come and go quickly, too. One weekend they were buds, and the next weekend many were fading already. You have to pay attention — as you do, so beautifully.

  3. […] Painting in Kitty’s Iris Garden, April 30, 2016 […]

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