Do Not Save for a Rainy Day

March 17, 2016


Through the window at Bella Umbrella

“Whatever good things the god sees fit to give you,
Take them with thanks; don’t think you can save them up
For a rainy day.  You want to be able to say
You’ve lived a happy life.  It’s reason, good sense,
That takes away your cares; it isn’t owning
A house at the shore that has a commanding view.
He only changes his scene, he doesn’t change
His mind, who rushes to go abroad.  How many
Are busy going elsewhere getting nowhere;
But if you have a healthy attitude,
Then what you’re seeking to find can always be found
Right where you are . . .”
— from The Epistles of Horace, translated by David Ferry


2 Responses to “Do Not Save for a Rainy Day”

  1. Alice Shoemaker Says:

    I knew I shouldn’t have moved f rom New York City to Alaska!
    The Epistles of Horace speak to me. Thanks.

  2. shoreacres Says:

    Here’s how much I enjoyed this selection — I just clicked the magic Amazon Prime button, and will have my own copy on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to exploring further, and have some specific use for this quotation.

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